Forged in Flames

Hannah produced Forged in Flames, an annual Midwest regional burn, from 2016-2019. This 100-person camping event took place at a campground and permaculture farm in Michigan. Hannah was responsible for coordinating a team of over 50 volunteers, including DJs, performers, visual artists, rangers, infrastructure builders, and the on-site medical team. She also coordinated ticketing and transportation logistics, and worked closely with the land owners to plan the event. She collaborated with other core organizers to curate a guest list using the vouch system, wrote a code of conduct for all attendees, participated in conflict resolution among participants, and led the consent team.

FED Supper Club

This monthly supper club was hosted in a DIY loft space in Chicago throughout 2019. Hannah produced all aspects of each event except for menu planning and food service. She hired all staff members, including security, ticketing, bartenders, DJs, performers, installation artists, photographers, and cleanup crew. She managed a guest list of 75-100 people for each event, and was responsible for communicating with all ticket holders. This event utilized the vouch system pioneered at Forged in Flames, and Hannah worked with other core organizers to respond to consent violations and protect the community.

love is a verb

In response to the 2016 election, Hannah founded a free monthly healing event open only to women, femmes, and non-binary people. (Men were invited to attend, but only to make tea or offer healing work to the rest of the group.) Participants offered each other massage, reiki, art therapy activities, and emotional support.

Fundraisers at the ribcage

Hannah co-founded the ribcage, a DIY loft space in Lakeview, Chicago, which operated from 2012-2014. This leftist collective offered free event space to groups around Chicago, with a focus on supporting anti-racist work, prison abolition, and LGBTQIA+ joy. Hannah was personally responsible for coordinating with numerous event producers, as well as producing events of her own.

Refuge of Violence

This multimedia installation, presented at the ribcage in 2013, featured biographical art pieces on the subject of intimate partner violence. Hannah and her co-curator, Jenniffer Thusing, interviewed survivors and artists before pairing with them each other to collaborate on paintings, etchings, collage, and audiovisual work. These pairs were offered support throughout the creation process. Hannah oversaw the installation of the final art pieces, hosted gallery showings, and led public conversations about the project.

Radio Movement at Oracle Productions

From 2012-2014, Hannah was the Outreach Coordinator at Oracle Productions. In this position she produced Radio Movement, a series of short plays which toured to nursing homes and hospitals throughout the Chicago area. All of these performances were free. In the unique aesthetic of this series, performers lip synced to recorded radio plays from the 1930’s and 40’s, using shadow puppets to create easily portable scenery. Hannah was responsible for hiring all actors and directors, maintaining rehearsal schedules, and coordinating with venues to schedule performances. She directed several of these productions herself, most notably The Plot to Overthrow Christmas, an annual holiday production.

Piven Theatre Workshop

Hannah collaborated closely with Joyce Piven on a number of projects. Notably, she assistant directed and co-produced Encores: After The Theatre and Other Stories in 2012. She went on to assistant direct a musical adaptation of Melancholy Play, working closely with Polly Noonan. She also directed workshop productions of Far Away, by Caryl Churchill, and Swimming in the Shallows, by Adam Bock.